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tmm_mirror's Journal

Find out which TMM character you look like!
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Welcome to tmm_rating, where you can find out which Tokyo Mew Mew character you look the most like! Please read the rules before posting, and be sure to have fun! If you don't know of any website that you can use to upload your pictures, try Imageshack and Tinypic.

x No flaming. People can, and will, get banned if any flames are posted.
x Restamps are avaliable. Just be sure to use use pictures that are different from the ones you used in your first application, and to say that you want a restamp and what character you were rated as the last time.
x After you are stamped, you are able to post entries that promote other communities (It'd be best if they were TMM related or other rating communities, though.) or have photos of yourself cosplaying as a TMM character, as previously stated. Just be sure to state that you were stamped in the subject line!
x You will be rated after... Hmm, how about 5 votes? Yes, 5 sounds good. (Of course, if you have three or four votes and your application has been up for a couple of days, we'll stamp you anyways if one character is prevalent in the votes. Sadly, if you have like, five different characters you've been voted as, you still have to wait a bit longer.)
x Please try to advertise so that we can get more members!

Application Rules
x The minimum of photos you may post is 3. You can post as many photos of yourself as you want! (Of course, if you only have one photo of yourself on your comp, that is understandable. We'll be sure to try to rate you anyway!)
x All pictures must go behind an LJ-cut.
x If you've been rated as many characters, and you never receive a tie-breaking vote, you are allowed to either choose which of the characters you were rated as, or which character you'd prefer to be rated as.
x Please, no pictures of Tokyo Mew Mew cosplay OR cosplay in which your hair is dyed, or just generally looks different from your usual appearance.
x You can, however, post TMM cosplay photos as yourself after you are stamped, espcially if they happen to be of the character you were rated as. =D
x No editting of photos other than getting rid of any demonic red eyes and/or resizing photos.
x This isn't much of a rule, but more like for the well being of dial-up users: If your application has a LOT of pictures, or just really big ones, please, warn us. You know, like tell us in the cut, or having it in bold print before the cut, etc.

Voting Rules
x Please bold all votes!
x Just in case someone looks like the love child of two of the characters, you can vote a member as two characters if you can't decide between which parent the child looks the most like.
x You do not have to be stamped to vote, nor do you have to have an application up.
x You do, however, need to JOIN the community before voting or posting.
x Also, try to vote as much as possible! We know that you can't vote on every application, but we need as many voters as we can get!
x No, you can't rate a member as Retasu/Lettuce just because they have glasses. Of course, that does not mean you can't rate a person with glasses as her; you just have to have other reasons as well.
x This also isn't a rule, but just a helpful reminder for you while you vote: You can, indeed, vote members as anime-only and manga-only characters.

x Just so we know that you've read the rules, please put Do I look like a Mew Mew? on your subject line.

Yes, most of these rules are from fma_mirror, another community of mine. You have a problem with that?

All of the stamps can be viewed here. Thanks, selfunderstared!


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